Friday, July 1, 2011

Well, here we go...

OK. I had a good visit in Ft. Worth with my family this past weekend. And here is the new one!

Saw my Granny (Picture: Sam (center), Dan, Granny) and Mom, my son, my aunt Jean. Met two internet friends on my drive home. once again, not axe murderers with blue barrels to hide bodies in the woods... (Picture: Christine, Tammy, Jenn)

Then this week. home... sooooo tired.
Then I was called by a company I had applied for a job with online... in Ohio. Yesterday, They called me for an interview. I should know "soon" whether I am hired or not... and moving to Ohio.

Feel strange at HOPING to move. I will miss my kids and grandkids...but Ohio is a great place for them to come visit! IF I am hired and IF we do move.

Soooo... that has been this week. Be praying for us. Thanks!
Be blessed and thank you for reading.


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