Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Good Morning! Here I am. Seems like I am on the blog so seldom these days.... Anyways .... Hi!

Last week I got a text from my daughter, Becky. She asked if I had been rehired by O'reilly's. (Remember my 99.9% chance of being rehired? Boy am I lucky! I hit that .1%, at least for now. The store I was working at is in a slump and cannot hire anyone until at least March. I remain unemployed.) The point is, since I am not working at the moment, as I fully expected to be, would I attend a Mother's Retreat with Becky? Becky even paid my way, since I had used all my available income on the trip to Texas in January.
I was very blessed. I got to meet so many sweet women. I got to encourage several younger women, both in home schooling and in home birth. (Both areas I already have experience, and these women were just starting out. It seems strange to say I have over 25 years experience in anything!)
Dakota Rose went along with us, as she is still a nursing baby. I got to hold her... a lot. For someone not even three months old, she really has her own opinions. She wants to be held... facing outward... with the person holding her standing up. She smiles a lot. And even began to laugh outright at times. I think I'm attached.
My email account has my signature "built in", and invites people to read my blog. Right now, you may be reading this from the email I sent regarding my Dad's 75th birthday party.
So far, no one has jumped right in and sent pictures, except Bill Joe's MIL- who sent me some of my grand-daughter Nickole for this project. Thank you, Lynn!
I would like to encourage the rest of you to be choosing cards and pictures, even if you cannot come to the party. Get them sent to me as soon as possible, so they can arrive before I have to head to Dad's. As quickly as this month has gone, the USPS mail cut-off date will probably be the 28th, to allow time for delivery. That is less than 3 weeks!
If you were thinking of a gift for my Dad.... he loves to read. A gift card in any denomination to someplace like Barnes and Noble would be great. Just saying.
If you don't want to send photo prints, remember it is fairly simple to go to any photography kiosk and scan your photos to disk, then email them to me.... or mail me the disk! (Leave me a comment if you need my address. If you put your email address in the comments, I will be able to see them and respond to you and won't publish the comment, so no one else reading the blog will access your information.)
Hmmmm. At this moment, I can't think of anything else. Please have a blessed day. Thanks for reading!

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