Monday, December 17, 2012

Misty moisty morning

Some things are going on here.... looks like we are in the midst of another time of changes. Maybe big, maybe just small.

One thing: Tom and I put in an offer on a mobile home. Same one we made an offer on back in '09. The ensuing years have NOT been kind to this place, so it needs some work. And while we have made an offer, it is not a done deal. There are questions that need to be answered by the current owner, and she hasn't been altogether forthcoming. It is back across the state line in Oklahoma. The tax rates are far, far less than Benton County.

I have been keeping a young child named Bryan. He isn't quite two yet... but he is a sweetheart. It was begun as a temporary gig- my last day is supposed to be this coming Saturday.

I go for my long postponed eye exam Wednesday. From there, I go pick up Connor and Alana. They will be visiting until the 25th. I have a small craft project for them while they are here. I still need to find ways of entertaining them. Four days with boring old CowGranny probably seems like an eternity to them.

Here is my latest art project. It is a canvas collage of photos of Tom, myself, our kids and grandkids. The spouses and parents and grandparents and such will have to wait for my next canvas!

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