Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some updates...

I went and had my head eyes examined today. I will pick up my new glasses by the end of next week- if not sooner. They found no signs of eye disease, no cataracts, glaucoma, nor macular degeneration. I got single vision lenses again, as I read perfectly well without my glasses on. But I am REALLY near sighted! I am corrected to 20/15 vision. (Not bad for someone my age!)

After I dropped Daniel off at work, I stopped by O'Reillys. I have been babysitting the little boy of one of my former co-workers there. The little guys Gramma ends her temporary job this week, so as of  Saturday, I would once again be unemployed. The former co-worker mentioned to my former boss that I was going to be looking for a job. So, I can now drop all the 'former' stuff. I walked in, and two co-workers stood either side of the boss, their hands held as if in prayer. I start again in January, after Mr C's vacation. Not sure whether we are 'planning' to go to Ohio, or to Texas.

Did I mention we put an offer in on a mobile over in Colcord- some 20 miles west of here... in Oklahoma? We are waiting for word on some of our stipulations before making the offer formal... it is still in the verbal phase. I don't know whether it will happen, or not. Guess we will know in the next few weeks.

I teased Sam today about going for a multi-cultural experience, as he stood in the kitchen wearing a kilt. He was drinking Columbian coffee made in a French press, out of a Chinese teacup.

Connor and Alana are here for the next few days. They are playing video games on the TV at the moment, but if they don't stop arguing over it and getting violent with one another, they may not be playing it much longer.

Hope you have a blessed day. Thanks for reading. Hug someone you love today!

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