Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mr C's Birthday

Today is Mr C's birthday.
The Individuals and I have been at a loss for what to get him. So, we made a last gasp desperate effort at shopping today.  I got him a new long sleeved T shirt, and added that to the lounge pants we had already found. Sam helped me choose two six packs- an IPA and a mixed six of Sam Adams that has two different IPAs and some other variety in it. Dan found him some device that holds a firearm steady so that it can be accurately sighted in. Sam had previously got him a pound of coffee, and my Mom got him two huge bags of coffee beans. I put an almond pound cake in to bake. We are doing a veggie tray and chicken wings.
Oh, and I re-organised the bedroom... thats a good present, right?
He is our last birthday for the year.  Next week we have Granny, and later in January there is Connor, and Tom's brother Bob. (And I should mention My Mom and Ralph's anniversary... it is Jan 2nd, if anyone wants to send them a card!)
Not much new going on.
Tomorrow Bryan comes for a last day with us. He is such a cutie. His Dad literally had to drag him to the car and force him into his car seat... he wants to stay HERE!
Not one WORD on the house. The owner has been spending a lot of time out of town.
That's it from all us in Arkansas.

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Truth said...

Sounds like all good presents to me. I didn't remember that your Mr. C also had a December birthday. Michael's was the 24th.