Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Whoot! I'm at home! (Not the library)

And Blogger seems to be functional!
I have been sticking fairly close to home lately, being about halfway through my three week stint as babysitter to an almost two year old. While he is a very sweet, quiet  boy- he is NOT "little". He weighs 40 lbs., and won't be 2 until the 25th. Being sweet and quiet does not diminish his energy factor.
Daniel and Sam have missed a couple of weeks of volunteering... since I had no desire to take the little guy to the library with me for an hour+ ... and the two days I do not have him, the boys are working.

I am working on an art project... a photo collage on canvas, for myself. So far, I am still in the supply gathering/ prep stage. Some people are over-represented in my photos, others, I have to really scrounge to find good, sharp pictures where they are not making faces.

Me and Mr C

Case in point!
 Mostly I have been digging through old envelopes of pictures, and through some online albums. I've done a lot of crying when I come across some pictures.
Well, that is all for now. I can start blogging more often if I can do it from home!

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