Saturday, December 22, 2012

So tired....

What a year. Must have been the two (or was it more) world is endings that took it out of me.
Bryan's Dad asked me to keep him a couple more days- Monday and Friday. Today and yesterday, Alana has been his Velcro partner. He LOVES her.
I haven't felt very well the past couple of days. I felt pukish yesterday, but went to get the boys at work- rather than forcing Mr C to go. They quoted a Monk saying to me on the way home. "You are going to get much sicker... much sicker. First vomiting, then death ." "Can't we skip the vomiting and go straight to death?"
That is pretty much me. I sometimes think I would feel so much better, If I only vomited. However, "I" and "vomit" should never occupy the same state, much less the same sentence. Hearing my kids throw up, heck- hearing ANYONE throw up, is enough to set my stomach heaving, even if I were not sick before. The sound... the SMELL... augh... the writing of this that makes me think of that...
 Be right back.

Anyway, Friday is my late night, going to get the boys. I'm usually in bed by 11:30 or midnight. Then Saturday has been my earliest awakening day. Bryan here by 7:15 at the latest. So My Saturday energy runs low. Thursday I was up too late, then up early Friday. The grandkids here... I am worn out.

Nights haven't been well. For the last several nights, I have had dreams that I needed to clean the house. But my house looked like I should be on Hoarders. Even sleeping, I have not rested... just cleaned. Cleaning must have a psychological significance.

I did lose it once today, and told the grands they were on my  very last nerve, and not to make another noise. So, I hope I sleep well tonite. I've been an ogre to everyone!

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