Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunny Day

It is very bright and sunny today... and COLD! While the thermometer says 28*, wind chill makes it 19*. It is BBBBRRRRR

My kids all seem to march to different drummers than so many their age. Dan has been working for more than 10 months, and Sam only slightly less. For the most part, they have banked their earnings, saving up for what every sixteen year old boy dreams about.
Well, maybe not every sixteen year old boy. Maybe not even that many save until they can finally buy their very own Cello. Sam has been jumping up and down and squealing like a six year old girl for the last couple of days, since he put in his order.
Just over a year ago, the boys found The Piano Guys on you tube. We listen to a LOT of their music. Sam became enthralled with the Cello.
I was never musically inclined. No ear for it at all. Tom had just picked up the guitar a couple of years before I met him, in his late 20's. But it seems music has roots in our family, and it has shown up in my children.
Benjamin can pick up just about any instrument and make it produce actual music (As opposed to dying animal noises) in a short time. Tommy, Becky, and Daniel  all quickly picked up the guitar. (And they may be as proficient as Ben with other instruments, I don't know.)
Sam's secondary choice of instruments was a bagpipe... so I am thrilled he went with the cello!

Both of the Individuals had to work today. And they have to go in early tomorrow, to cover part of a shift in addition to their own.
Last I heard from O'Reilly's was that someone had quit, and I would be getting the call to come to work pretty quickly. The call has not yet happened.

The weather passed through here the last couple of days... winds, rains, snow, winds. We needed the rain! No damages or anything severe in our area.
Have a blessed day and thank you for reading!

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