Thursday, March 21, 2013


With an arthritis diagnosis, I am becoming a bit more willing to live with the physical limits that my body has been setting.
At work, I figured I was hired to do the job I do, and should not be asking for help in doing it. If I can't DO the job, they need someone in the position who can.
So I have felt like I was sluffing my job off onto others when my lower back would start protesting over the repeated heavy lifting required on this job. I never liked using old age , or being a female, as an excuse..
By becoming more willing to ask for help, the guys see I'm no super-woman. I do as much of my job as I can, but there are some days when I do need help. I had seventeen outgoing batteries yesterday, and there had been more than a dozen rotors coming in. I asked for help, and the guys took care of both. Today was 'oil day'. That is the day we get in our weekly supply of oil, stock of batteries, grease, five gallon buckets of tractor fluids, cases of antifreeze and windshield washing fluids. It is usually three or four pallets of freight. (Normal days is one to one and a half pallets.)

I breezed through the freight and oil today. Even Tim (the boss) noticed. He remarked that I must be feeling better. I had to agree I do feel a LOT better. It is remarkable that I didn't realize how much pain I have been in for such a long time, until I am suddenly (relatively) pain free. Steroids!
As I told Tim, the steroids are a very short term solution to a long term problem. I am on them to clear up an acute arthritic flare- and they are not going to be part of regular medication.

Until I got to researching arthritis, I didn't realise that I should probably of been diagnosed long ago. Since I am QUITE aware that foods can have a huge negative impact on how much pain I inflict on myself (thanks asparagus!) I am going to try to modify my diet. My O'Reillys store is located right across the street from the McKee factory. For those of you who don't recognise McKee.. I am sure you will recognise their product: Little Debbie Snack Cakes. Their reps bring over about a dozen boxes of various goodies every week. If anyone gets to feeling 'snacky'... We grab a Little Debbie. The week prior to, and during the acute flare, I had several snack attacks. Cream Cheese crumb cakes, "cloud cakes" (LD twinkie), powdered sugar cinnamon donuts... I don't usually eat so much sugar, or flour. No more Little Debbie for me. :( 
The dietary guidlines I have found on the Internet recommend limiting red meat :(  , as well as peas, many legumes,  (I have to check which to avoid, we eat a lot of beans!) Tomatoes, as well as potatoes. Refined sugars, refined flours. I seems to serve tomatoes, potatoes, or beans almost every meal!

I need to eat more fish. We already eat a lot of chicken. While I have not been exercising for the past year, I need to get back with walking, as well as light strength training with the weights. The very fact we have five lb. dumbells in the house is proof I have done some free weight strengthening in the past! (The guys all use the macho weights!)

So... Here I am. I find out next Thursday what the actual diagnosis may be. And what the doc expects to do from here. If I am willing to go the diet/ exercise route, he may see no need to treat with drugs, except for during the rare acute flare up.

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