Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March marches on...

Today is my Dad's birthday! He 'doesn't do birthdays'. If he did, he would be 76. He is the longest lived male Beard in the known family history. Tom and I went to East Texas to see him this weekend. Mom came up from Ft Worth and we all six had a nice visit. (Dan and Sam stayed home... their very first overnights without adults!)
We drove home Monday. The 4th marked one year since I last saw Bill Joe. Saturday (the 9th) will be the one year mark from the last time I ever got to talk to him. I think I did OK- not crying too much on the drive home.
Dad had built a wooden box that Roger's cremains are in, until we have an interment service later on- perhaps when my Aunt and Uncle are in from California later this year.
My Aunt Jean is having her 80th birthday in a little over a month! As Becky was saying, Granny's 80th birthday was not all that long ago. As Kermit the Frog says, "Time's fun when you're having flies!"
Trying to think of other news this week... Work is work. I am slowly getting things caught up- but still haven't got to do any "planograms".
Mr C did finally get our cabin booked for his Mom's party at the end of April. He seemed astonished at the expense... as if I had not been telling him about it since we first heard about it in what, June? Not sure if Tommy, and Becky's DH Stephen, will get to attend- flights in are VERY expensive, and the 1,400 mile (one way) drive is very hard to do on such a tight time frame. (They can be off on Friday, but both need to be home by Monday morning!) Ben and Paula cannot come- they will be some 6 weeks from Paula's due date and freshly moving to their new home. (It needs a lot of renovation before they can even start moving in, so they may not even be moved in by then!) Chris, of course, is otherwise occupied and cannot attend. So far as I am aware, all the rest of Arlene's kids/ grandkids will be attending.
Anyways... you all be lifting us up in prayer as we hit the one year mark. It's been a tough time.

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