Monday, March 18, 2013

It wasn't tendonosis....

The doc took a good look at my arm this morning. He turned both arms this way and that, to suit him. At one point, I took my arm away from him. I said, "My arm won't turn like that!" He says, "Well yes it WILL turn like that. (as it obviously was!) It just HURTS you to turn it like that."
OK... yeah, can we stop turning it now?
He told Jeanie (his nurse) to schedule me for a whole bunch of blood work, and tells me I have been having an acute osteoarthritis flare. I'm on prednisone for a nine day run. The prednisone is also supposed to clear up the persistent itchy rash I've had... unless said rash is scabies.
I was sent over the the lab, where they took about eleven quarts of blood (more or less) and sent me off to have my prescription filled. I have a follow-up set for ten days down the road. By then, the doc may be able to decide what variety of arthritis it is-  whether indeed osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus or whatever.
I asked if it was OK to wear the compression bandage to work. He said I could, but it shouldn't be necessary once the prednisone hits my system.
It has had me wondering if several prior 'incidences' over the years have been arthritis flares. About a dozen or so years ago, in Marlow, I was struck by something so hard I could. not. walk. I went to the doc, and was treated there as if I were begging for prescription drugs. After 10 days or so, I gradually felt better. They ran no tests at the time, just said they would 'wait and see' if I remained in pain. A few years back, here in AR I was getting 'crippled up' again- needing help up and down the steps of the house. It cleared up over time. About the same time of year the following year, the same symptoms hit.
I began to wonder if it might be a food in my diet. The only food difference I could pinpoint was asparagus. We LOVE fresh asparagus in season! Later in the year, I had been feeling fine. I got some frozen asparagus and had it for three meals in a row. By the evening of the second day, I could hardly walk. My joints were in such pain I couldn't even get out of bed to go upstairs for ibuprofen. I have avoided asparagus since then!

So... until later... have a blessed day! Thanks for reading!

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