Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Paddy's

Happy wearing o' the green to you.
After two very warm and sunny days, we are back to a chilly day with a predicted high of 48*, and 80% chance of rain.
I had my green jammie bottoms on this morning, but when I dressed, I didn't think to put on green. As cool as today is, I did put on a green sweatshirt as an afterthought! Good thing, because when I came out, Mr C was going to pinch me! (Not sure where pinching ever entered in to St Patrick's day... may have to go ask Mr Google.)
My wrist seems to be better/ worse by spells. I have an appointment for 9 am Monday so Doc Benjamin can have a look at it.
Between the time change, and Oreilly's and just life in general, I seem to just stay tired. By 6:30 last night I was fighting sleep, and by 7, I gave in and laid down 'for a minute'. I woke at 8:55... just in time to go to bed. I was awake this morning at 6:15- the usual time I have been getting up. Jaffa had clicked his toenails down the hall and into the bedroom to tell Mr C that he had overslept... and when I got up, he still was waiting for Tom to waken! I called him out of the room and let him out. It didn't take him long to take care of his business... it seldom does when it is COLD and wet outside. (He'd rather dance about with his legs crossed than go out in rain or snow!)

I'm coming up on FIVE years of posting here on Blogger. The anniversary of the first post is March 24. So very much has happened over those five years. Two kids left home, three grandkids born, one wedding, numerous deaths. My kids and grandkids. Things I never spoke of- suicide attempts (not me) and prison sentences. Moving to Ohio... and back. Job changes. Chronicles of my life as presented to the world.

With my day already started here, I am working my way through Mt. Washmore and thinking I need to do a good Spring cleaning. I noticed a dust rhino (way to big to be a dust bunny) hiding behind the bedroom door. Little stacks of ignored clutter have become toppling piles. I have been lethargic and really haven't cared a whit about much of anything around me for a year. I need to overcome inertia and get on with living, instead of just existing.

Have a blessed day!

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