Friday, May 9, 2014

Interesting week

This past week has been "interesting". The biggest news of the week is that Becky had a baby girl on May 7th- two days ago.
Shall we chalk down (or even write in ink!) that our God faithfully answers prayers?
Baby girl Jones was in a VERY good birth position, and Becky's labor went smoothly, quickly, and safely. She had sent a text, time marked at 7:03 Wednesday morning... "Earlyish labor. Kinda picking up though. Should be having a baby today. :)"
At (time stamped) 8:15 am, Stephen called to say, "It's a girl!"
I had been praying on my way to work, all the things mentioned above. (6:15)
Baby girl was 7 lbs., 6 oz. Becky had decided to sit in the bathtub while laboring, as the water seems to help contractions not be so difficult. They had rented a birth pool- a deeper, larger place to contain water- and Stephen was filling it. Becky called out to him, she was feeling a strong urge to push, could he call the midwife to see how long until her arrival?
The urge became undeniable. Two pushes- one for baby's head, the second for delivery!
When Sam called me at work to let me know of baby's arrival, I was shocked. He told me all he knew was it was a girl, no details... and "Mom... the details are still going to be the same when you get home, no need to stress out!" (Midwife missed the birth!) (Very similar to Beckys birth story!)
The first thing that came to mind was "Grace". God's grace at granting such a swift delivery and easy labor. (Apparently, I was the third+ person to say maybe "Grace" should enter the name considerations.)
So, Little Grace Undecided Jones was born 5/7/14. (They still have a middle name under consideration.)
DIL Glynna was telling DGD (dear grand daughter) Nickole that Uncle Becky had a baby girl. Nickole has a new girl cousin. Nickole asked her name. Glynna told her, it was still undecided. Nickole thought the baby's name was "Undecided"! (I have chuckled over that for two days!)
The contenders for a middle name are at the moment: Remington or Sterling. (Becky also likes Daisy, but Grace Daisy doesn't flow well).
Mr C helped me put in a flower bed across the front of the house. Last night's torrential rains mostly washed out the plantings. But, as we prepared the bed, we found some strange stuff.
A bone... looking very much like a human femur. and another (later) that looks like a chunk of shinbone. After mentioning this to friends, it was suggested I report it to authorities. I asked a policeman who came in to work, he suggested the same, while declaring he was thankful it was NOT his jurisdiction. So the bones and ball peen, towel wrapped hammer are with the local police.
An online friend forwarded the photos to her daughter, a forensic anthropologist.
Of course, I am hoping they are animal bones. As I said, finding human remains buried in your yard is something from books and TV... not real life!
I certainly hope I can fly down to see Becky and the other kids this weekend. Tommy leaves Monday for Brazil. (Natives say Brasil!) Tommy ws HEALED of his stomach ailment over the weekend! I am so grateful!
Prayers for my friends, the Knight Family. God knows all their woes. He can heal, and comfort, and protect... they need all.
Have a blessed weekend and week. Thanks for reading.

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