Saturday, May 3, 2014

Not a week has passed!

(Aren't you proud of me?)
And I stayed off yesterday when I was furious.
I was angry... make that ANGRY... because my boss called me to the office to INFORM me- not ask- that I was not getting a previously scheduled vacation day. I was not getting it because he suddenly discovered his fifth anniversary was the same weekend I had requested off.
Mr C has to request vacation time in November for ALL of the coming year. Once it is awarded, it is set in stone.

Who knows what is happening next year? Weddings? new babies?

Knowing HIS vacation was unchangeable, I made sure to ask for this time off MONTHS ago, as June tends to get sucked up fast at my job. Vacations are scheduled by writing your name on the calendar for the days you need/ want off.
So I was highly ticked off at being told I was REQUIRED to work the second Saturday of my vacation... meaning I had to travel back on Friday instead of Monday... to work for five hours. Five hours being my SCHEDULED time. I can never stretch the low volume of receiving/ shipping on a Saturday to much more than 3 hours. And that is STRETCHING it. So I have to be back on a Saturday to do three
The boss failed to see why I was upset.
After all, it is his FIFTH anniversary.
So I got home, expecting Mr C to be as upset as I was.. or at least commiserate.
Instead, he can see how important a fifth anniversary is to some people.
Some people not including him, but he can see Boss's desire to make it a special occasion for his wife.
This from the man who refused to even schedule any time off in his vacation planning last November, when reminded that our 30TH anniversary is in August. No big deal. He doesn't want to take time off for that. But oh, yeah, I should rush right back here to work three hours so the boss can be off for his 5th.

 I tried telling my boss I had made plans to see my son whom I have not seen in almost 2 years, that can only have weekend visitors, on the day he wanted me back. He countered that I had the WHOLE previous weekend to take care of that! So I need to travel from NW AR to the coast of Texas on Saturday, and get to see son on Sunday. That's a long drive.
I was in tears. I hate to cry from disappointment, but it happens.
Boss conceded he could let me off a few days earlier... for all the good that did for our plans. Mr C still couldn't leave before the 31st.

After raging for quite some time, I contacted my kids. They said IF I can get a flight down, they can pick me up. And Ben will drive me to see Chris on the 31st. (Flying standby is never a sure thing.)
 Meanwhile, Mr. C will pick up Alana on the 31st and head to Texas.
This leaves Grand daughter Nickole up the creek. She was supposed to get to come see us at the end of May. We have never spent the time with her that she deserves. Our original plans had been made even before we knew she might get to visit. But the new plans totally disrupt even that.

If he had not so totally ruined MY plans, I would be more happy for my boss-child. He is making the effort in his marriage to keep things special with his wife. I wrote him an apology in the wee hours this morning, when I couldn't sleep due to my upset. I DO applaud his efforts. I AM happy for them. And yes, I WILL be there (grumble, grumble grumble) three days earlier than my original plans
to cover those THREE HOURS! (Yes, I admit, I AM still keenly upset).
So few young people these days make the effort to stay together. I put the written apology on his desk this morning... though he won't see it until Monday.

So: Prayer requests: 1) I can get a flight out on the 28th. Standby is always fickle.
 2) God provide abundant finances so that I may leave this job and be able to go see my family at any time they need me.
(3) Baby Jones settle into the optimum birth position, and Becky have a fast labor, easy delivery, and both Mom and Baby do well.
 (4) Paula's health continue to be excellent, in prepping for Baby Coder due in November. - Baby Peaches, as I dreamed!
 (5) My friends who have just learned they are expecting to have a blessed, trouble-free  pregnancy, and healthy full term baby. When They say OK, I can mention names.
(6) I get opportunity to spend quality time with grands that I seldom see- that finances, time off, and  opportunity all converge so these kids know how much we DO love them. ( many of above can be done with God blessing our finances!)

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