Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mental preparation

Half the battle of the hard days at work, is going in mentally prepared. I give myself a pep talk every Thursday morning. Not so much on Wednesdays. Most Wednesdays are quite light on freight. Tuesdays have a lot, restocking and special orders from the weekends, and a LOT of outgoing (battery) cores. Thursdays, oil. Fridays a lot of stock to brace up for the weekend. Saturdays, almost no freight in or out. Wednesdays usually have half a pallet of freight, half a pallet of larger items.
 Today... half a pallet of freight... plus a heaped up pallet of  brake rotors. Almost all of which were new stock to our store.  Also, a co-worker "cleared the special order shelves". He did this by heaping everything pell mell into a giant grocery cart  for someone else to put away. Guess who that someone else is?
This made today a "but first" day.
The rotors had to be worked into the numerical order of our existing stock. There is NO ROOM to simply work it in. So it was decided to move a section of tie-rod ends over one aisle, wrapping that stock onto the next aisle.  That freed up one section for the rotors to expand. But first... I had to move three sections of brakes over. Then the tie rod ends, then get started on the rotors.
Rotors weigh roughly 12 to 40 lbs. each. I worked two 32 ft. aisles. My muscles are screaming at me this afternoon! Tom and Dan sometimes lift weights to muscle exhaustion. Once that hit me, I still had to keep going. I had asked the boss if I could get some help... he said yeah, I was gonna have to have some. But then he didn't send anyone to help, and the ONLY time I got help was when I was unable to lift two of the largest size rotors from a bottom shelf to a top shelf. Even with the ladder.

Once the rotors were worked in, I had the regular freight to put up. I thought it seemed we had quite a few brake pads. I didn't realize until I was putting them up, we also got a large number of new-to-our-store brake pads that ALSO had to be worked in. I saved the grocery cart of freight cleared from the shelves until last, AFTER the shipping and Every Wednesday Price Label Changes. (I have been in charge of them since the last guy was found to have just been throwing them away, discovered when the store failed an audit.)
I took a half hour lunch, and had taken one sit down and wait for ibuprofen to work, break. Put in just a few minutes under a full 8 hours today.
I really need to find a less physical job!

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