Friday, May 16, 2014

We know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him

and are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

Yeah, so what was it, a couple of weeks ago that I was raging about my boss arbitrarily cancelling my vacation, so that HE could go away for the weekend?

For some reason, I was thinking that THIS weekend was Memorial Day Weekend. I went to check with the boss child about whether the distribution centers and drivers were working on Monday, because if they are not, then I don't work Tuesday. (No freight.)
Bad news and good news on that.
 Bad news- this is NOT Memorial Weekend, as I am sure you realized about the time you read that sentence. Good news, it is next weekend, AND the distribution center and drivers do not, in fact work. Boss noticed that the 28th was the ONLY day I was having to work that week. And he had previously offered to let me have it off- not realizing it followed hard on Memorial Day. But he went ahead and approved me being off Wednesday. So once I am off work next Saturday, the 24th... I don't have to be back until June 7th. (The day I work a few hours, then get to be off until the following Tuesday, the 11th.)
 I am almost ready to forgive the boss and revoke my mean hopes that his wife would be having her Auntie visit on their anniversary weekend. (Yes, I admit that I was really feeling justified in that wish against him. This is why God has plenty to do in correcting my thinking.)

The plan is now that I can go on ahead early- whether flying or driving- and spend a few more days with the kids. Get to meet Grace Remington a few days earlier. If I get to drive early, I can pick up Alana and we can spend some time together- though I am sure she would have a very grand time being the center of her Grumpaw's attention if he insists that he would rather I fly and he drive. (We need to get that figured out so I can let Jennifer know!)

Meanwhile, I am pretty excited.
The last TWO days have been remarkably light on freight. It was a VERY good thing on Thursday, as I could barely move. I took ibuprofen before work, during my workday, and could tell exactly when that four hour dose wore off every time. Mr C rubbed my back and shoulders with Theragesic.
Most everyone knows how I hate to be rubbed or massaged at all... yet actually asked him to put the stuff on me, on three occasions! Today, I am back to just being normally sore from being 'older' and out of condition. (Notice I didn't say, "out of shape". Round IS a shape.)

Have a blessed evening. Please pray for Tommy and his mission group in Brazil.

Bone Update: No word back from the sheriff's office on the status of the bones I dropped off. But after torrential rains, another, intact, bone washed up. A number of pictures of it are on the Moocrew3 site.

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