Thursday, May 1, 2014

Week Review

This has been some sort of week! Monday, Mr C and I went shopping for a birthday present for his sister, who will be 60 on the 3rd. He thought it would be nice to send her a classy wine assortment. So we went to a wine store, and the clerk helped pick out several bottles. We mentioned they needed shipped to another state.
Got home, and very carefully packed the wine to the bottles wouldn't clink together, so they could withstand rough shipping. I checked the USPS website, and learned wine cannot be shipped through the mail. We carted the box to the nearest FedEx station... and learned from the clerk there, one cannot ship wine. PERIOD. Only authorized wine merchants may ship wine. So I find myself with a number of bottles of some nice varieties of wine. (Hey, my wine usually comes in a box!) We ended up ordering his sister's gift online. Just can't believe the wine clerk failed to mention to us about the shipping regulations! (He must of seen his opportunity for a good commission.)

Then, Tuesday. I was holding up OK at work, refusing to let myself fall apart. Then the boss arrived, and turned on the radio. Just in time for the day's Celebrity Birthday list. He mentioned it was "Uma Thurman's birthday... famous for her roles in the Kill Bill movies".
That did me in.
I eventually got a grip, and finished up at work. I kept trying to think of something to do in memorial. Letting a helium balloon go crossed my mind. I know several people who do that. To me, it just seemed like a waste of money. I know Bill wouldn't really get the balloon(s), and if it were the thought that counts, he would already know. What I did instead was to use money I would of spent on a gift for Bill, and got a few treats for Chris and put a few dollars to his account. It seemed like something Bill would have approved.
Later in the afternoon, Chris called me. We had a good chat. It isn't often he calls, as it does cost a bit. That day it was something both of us needed.
I had some of the fine Adult Beverage that Tom's sister was not getting.

I went to bed early, and got up all ready to take on "Oil Day" at work. (I psyche myself up for the several extra pallets of freight we get on Oil Day.) Walked in the door... to see one measly little pallet of freight... and no oil! What the heck? Did they change Oil delivery Day on us and forget to tell me?
Um, no.
Oil Day is every Thursday. It was only Wednesday. Duh!

Today was actually Oil Day. And it was very light... so I was done well before my scheduled hours were up. I used the time to organize one of the worst areas of  back room freight. I am so glad to have that done!
Oh, another fun thing happened on Monday. While Tom and I were out and about, I asked if I could start a flower garden somewhere in the yard. Tom agreed. He did veto my choice of areas, but I am fine where he wants it. He even sprayed grass/ weed killer to start getting the area ready. A few hours later, UPS showed up. I got a box of plant bulbs as an early Mother's day gift from Becky. I had no idea I was getting something that needed planting- I hadn't decided what I wanted in my flower bed, just knew I wanted one!
The bulbs are patiently waiting the ground to be prepped. I have to wait 7 days from the day the killer stuff was sprayed.
Thank you to my friend JoAnne. I received a card from her today, and it really blessed me.

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