Friday, April 24, 2015

Done and Undone....

This week has skated right by me. Here it is Friday afternoon, and I am due at work in a couple of hours.
I don't feel like I accomplished an awful lot this week. I got the Dan  and Sam's summer weight sleeping bags mailed off to them. I failed to get Tommy a birthday card sent off in a timely manner. He turned 25 on Wednesday.
I got the camera card full of photos from Dan and Sam uploaded. (Http:// )
The tables are back to collecting the daily detritus of life.
The dishwasher is unloaded.
The clothes are not folded.
My bed is made.
The floors got mopped... a couple of days ago.

I have sent out cards to a few people to try and encourage them through some hard times.

A week ago, a terrible, terrible tragedy came upon our family.
As unfathomable as the incident is, God is still in control. He is a loving and forgiving Father. As all Fathers, there are times of punishment and correction his children must endure- but He doesn't stop loving them, no matter what they have done.
We grieve with those who have loss, We do not rejoice in wrongdoing. But pray for those who now bear the fruit of their actions.
We pray for the family members who have been hurt, who continue to hurt over this tragedy.
Thank you for reading. Thank you for praying.

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