Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend Project...

We just returned home from my Dad and Kathie's house in East Texas. We had a family get together to work on their house. We lacked able bodied workers, so Tom and Benjamin bore the brunt of the labor. They did get one end of the house completely sided!
The yellow boards are what was done this weekend, it must still be painted white.

Bill (Bob) manned the scaffold tractor

They were up high!
A wasp challenged Ben for dominance of the scaffold
Ben wins!
We all got to visit with sweet grand/ great grandchildren.



Jasher and Ben

Great Grandpa and Tyrel

We didn't get done, so perhaps we can get a few more able bodied folks to come help and we can try and finish the place up.

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K Beard said...

Love the picture of Grandpa Bill and Tyrel. Can you send me a copy that I can download?