Sunday, April 5, 2015

so, yeah. What difference does it make?

Thank you all for your prayers. Regarding my request from the last post... a decision was made! (Yay!) But too late to make a difference. Perhaps God's shutting a door.
Tonight, I am over wrought. Distraught and upset over a stupid phrase: "In 100 years, what difference will anything make?" (Alt) "In 100 years, what difference will it make?"
Do any of us make such a difference, that in 100 years one would be able to tell?
In 100 years, my beloved Granny would be 200 years old. Gone 101years.
"Who cares?"
Who will care?
In 100 years, does it matter what sort of house we lived in? What we did, or said, or ate?
In a few cases... yes.
In most cases, the correct answer to the question that was thrown cavalierly in my face, "No it won't matter."
So, in the face of whatever we do, or say, however we act today not mattering in 100 years...
How should we then live?
Does God only care about those who come after us?
Do we not matter today, now?
What sort of stupid question is it, "In 100 years, what difference will it make?"
90 years ago, my great grandmother was trying to raise 5 kids after her husband died of pneumonia. Her day to day may not be IMPORTANT to me now... but knowing she did it, matters.
Can we be complete jerks to everyone around us... because in 100 years, what difference will it make?
Or should we be nice and accommodating to those around us? In 100 years, what difference will it make?
100 years from now, my eldest grandchild will be 114. The youngest, just over 100. No one will remember me as a person they knew. They will perhaps only be hoping someone will remember them one day.
Life is short. It is as fragile as butterfly wings.
Should we strive to be happy? or just endure the time we have, because in the long run, it doesn't matter?


Kathie B said...

What was the decision--I hate guessing games!!

roses said...

in my opinion 100 years from now may not count so much, but NOW does, and yesterdays and tomorrows