Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I made it through Friday night at work! I couldn't wear the wrist brace while I worked, but put it back on afterwards. I did hurt all evening- but not even nearly to the degree of pain I have had for the last year and a half. The brace went back on after work, I took Advil when I got home. I'm good. I can do this!
We had a worrisome weekend after not hearing from the Individuals since Thursday. Mr C was worse than I was! So I called where the boys should have been... and they were there. Their cell phone didn't get signal in that town at all. (A severe drawback of  Straight Talk is lack of coverage in so many places.)
Sam's new screen for his Nexus 7 tablet caught up to him. While it had tools included in the repair kit... it didn't have ALL the tools one needs. Sam shipped the entire thing home to us and ordered a new tablet, which should arrive by next weekend a couple of stops down the trail.
Despite some hardships, the Individuals are trudging along, having a wonderful time for the most part. Sam said one full day, they started out in the rain, and as they hiked UP the mountain, rain gave way to snow. DOWN the mountain, snow gave way to rain. UP the mountain, snow. DOWN into the rain. "Just like in Minecraft!"
They pitched their tent in a light snowfall- and woke up to more than 5" of snow pressing in on the tent! Their boots had, for the first time, soaked completely through, and had frozen solid during the night. Just the THOUGHT of putting on frozen boots makes my legs ache.

Over the weekend, Mr C and I got started packing up Daniel's room with intention to combine the boys stuff into one room. We ran into the thing everyone runs into: "But First!" It looks like we will need to pack up a lot of stuff in both rooms and go through quite a bit of stuff before any actual combining goes on. Sam's closet has been a storage repository for the extra bedding the entire 10+ years we have been in this house. Time to pare it down! I need someplace to stack the packed boxes. Outdoor storage would sure be helpful. Dan has an entire hutch full of chain-mail supplies. Really too heavy for cardboard boxes- I will have to figure out some way/ place to store them.

Here in AR, I would like to request some prayers for an important decision to be made. For some people, making decisions is a difficult thing. Often so hard to make, the decisions are put off until the choices are removed. So I thank you for praying. Meanwhile, I am trying to maintain a good attitude... it might be a good thing to pray for my attitude as well. I've got the patience thing pretty well under control, so don't pray any more patience (trials!) on me!  (James 1:3)

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