Thursday, May 7, 2015

Small Things

This ordinary iris made my day. When we moved from Marlow, I had to leave behind the irises that I had grown from the rhizomes from my Granny and PawPaws house. I had a wonderful stand of giant orange canna.
I have several purple iris that have bloomed for me in this rental place over the years- some from my Mom from Granny's house, where Mom's DH has done his best to eradicate the roses, canna, and iris stands that Granny loved so much. Mom brought me a bucket full of irises last year- the last ones she was able to salvage from the place. Last year, they didn't bloom.
This year- Not only have the purple ones come out, but this bronzed gold that was always my favorite at Granny's place.
I never expected to see one this color again.
God is faithful in the small desires as well as the large.

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