Wednesday, May 6, 2015


On occasion, God brings certain people into our lives. People with whom we may never have had occasion to interact if not for God's intervention.
One family that we have come to know is the Zesch family.
Three of my children and the attached spouses attend a home based church in the Zesch home.
Through visits to this home church, through social interactions involving my children, Through attending a Motherhood retreat, and through an annual hiking event sponsored by the Senior Zesch (Roy)... our families have come to know one another over the past eight or nine years.
For the past few days, Roy Z has conspired with me. Today that conspiracy bore fruit. He surprised Daniel and Sam at an intersection along the Appalachian Trail.
I certainly wish I could of been there to see the looks on the faces of the twins!
To make this meeting, Roy had to fly to Virginia. Whether he had other business there or not, I cannot say. He had to rent a car and deliberately seek the boys out. It involved determination, no small amount of finance, and the physical effort of hiking.
Sometimes blessings and encouragement come when we need it most, and least expect it. The Zesch Family is one such source, through God our Father.

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