Thursday, May 14, 2015

Where would 1000 miles take you?

1000 miles is quite a way to walk. Daniel and Sam passed the 1000 mile mark on the Appalachian trail yesterday.
Guess what? It isn't even half the halfway mark on their hike. Many people call it the psychological halfway point. They still have more than 1100 trail miles ahead- not counting re-supply trips off trail, and their side trip to Washington, DC.

For Mother's Day this year, I got some sweet gifts from the kids. A heartfelt card from Chris, a book I have been interested in from Becky, a jar of kisses from Connor and Alana. I got calls or Skyped with all of the kids on Sunday. Sam had told me he and Daniel had found me a fancy rock as they were hiking along the trail, and that he had carried it for 50 miles before he was able to ship it to me. Today the package came!

Fancy "rock"

Tommy brought me some rocks from Brazil when he traveled there. The twins have given me some cool rocks in the past for Mother's Day. So I really thought I was getting a rock. I laughed out loud when I saw the beautiful stoneware mug.

Monday afternoon, Tom was helping me trim up my miniature rose bush. It had a lot of dead wood on it. It has grown from the little teacup sized potted rosebush the kids went together and got me for Mother's day more than 11 years ago.

My miniature rose bush, given to me by the kids for Mother's day about 11 years ago.

Mr C accidentally lopped off one of the beautiful clusters of buds in the new growth/ living part of the bush. I am trying to root it using the "potato method" I have seen touted the last couple of years. I hope it works, so I will have a new start from this bush.
(I am certainly sentimental about flowers, aren't I?)

Tomorrow, I head to Claremore to see Connor (Grandson 1.1) graduate from 8th grade. It hardly seems that long ago I was headed to Claremore to witness his birth. A few decades ago, 8th grade was a common dropping out point. Young men left school and went to work. Young women married and had families; unless they went on through high school with college in mind.
I was looking for a baby picture of Connor, but got sucked down the drain of memories that I am still too close to be stirred. Maybe later!
Have a blessed day and thanks for reading.

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