Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May, May, May

Here it is just past the middle of May. My 'goal' for the year was to be under 140 lbs. by the end of June. Instead, I gained significantly. I made a good start walking during a spate of good weather back in February, but quickly fell off when the snow, ice, sleet, and muck seemed never ending.
I got started again this week... Sunday I got in about 3 miles; and Monday, just over 4 miles. Today, I hobbled from the bed wondering if I can make it to the mailbox. (Over-do much?) (I did eventually make it 2 miles.)
Yesterday's long walk was not for walking's sake, or even the thought of exercise. It was one of those days where I just had to "get away". So I started walking. I took a bottle of water with me, and figured I would head back to the house when the water was half gone. I discovered that nearby Daniels Road is a lovely walk. It is an unpaved lane, with flowered walls of honeysuckle, blackberry, and trees almost meeting overhead. Daisies, bindweed, wild hemp, Queen Anne's lace, and coreopsis are in bloom. There is a flowering shrub that I have never learned the name of, covered in tiny, tiny white flowers... the scent takes me back to being a small child. This is the smell of summertime. (Looking through google pictures, it may be "Ligustrum")
It was a very nice walk, even if I did go too far after being sedentary for so long.

Tom added stakes and fencing sections to the garden yesterday, giving the peas and beans something to climb. The corn and squash just don't seem to want to sprout this year. He planted four hills of squash which is about three hills too many! but only three hills have had any sprout at all. When our abundance of squash starts rolling in, I remind myself.. "$ 1.69 a lb!, $1.69 a lb! We are growing money!". Not that we sell the squash, but we aren't BUYING it. (I am still working on using last year's squash from the deep freeze.)

I am reading my way through Trim, Healthy Mama , the book Becky got me for Mother's Day. Once I have the basics down, Tom and I shall try this way of eating and see how we do. Daniel had mentioned wanting to try it once he and Sam return from the Trail... Out there, you are burning mega amounts of calories. It changes your metabolism, and once off the trail, your body tries to hold on to every calorie. This can cause post trail weight gain. (See, Daniel so thoroughly researched this hike that he even considered post trail pitfalls!) THM seems like a sensible way of eating. Even Mr. C is willing to get on board with it.

It is less than a month before the twins turn 19. My brother Ricky will have a birthday before then, and Becky and Stephen will celebrate their 10th anniversary. This seems to be a big year all the way around... so much to celebrate! Becky and Tom both have milestone birthdays (30 and 60). Tommy turned 25. Benjamin graduated the Firefighter Academy. Connor graduated 8th grade. Grace and Althea will be one before the year is out. Kathie has a milestone birthday. We hope to have an "End of the Trail" party for the twins... Camp CowGranny... LOTS going on!

Remember us all in your prayers, thank you for reading!

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