Friday, February 10, 2012

Another day!

I got my cheesy box of little kids valentines this week, and spent the morning sending them to my grandkids. Some years I send candy or Little Debbie treats... but this year, just the little cards.
Just a reminder to them that they are thought about even when they don't realize it. Some years I send them to all my kids, and my parents... but I didn't have enough stamps this year.

Really, we never make a big deal over any holiday other than Thanksgiving.

So Winter has finally decided to make a pit-stop here. It is supposed to be 18 degrees tonight... this is after rain today. The high for tomorrow is 32* BRRR. But it is the first bit of winter to come by since I got back from Ohio.
I haven't decided what to make for supper yet. Maybe this is a good day to do the roast that is in the freezer. Or thaw the chili we made a couple of weeks ago. I can't seem to make a SMALL batch of chili... and with just the four of us left here, we had so much leftover that part of it had to be frozen. But it seems no matter how large of a roast I cook, there is seldom enough left to even make soup on another day.

I missed unpacking a box yesterday. I have been trying to unpack at least one box a day until I have all the stuff unpacked from the last "packing to move to Ohio" drill. Things have been boxed up since July. Yeah. Tired of having to dig to find stuff. Still, I am eliminating more as I unpack. Maybe today will be the time to unpack the china and return it to the hutch. (No china will be eliminated!)

OK, I finally told Ben and Paula about the Shutterfly site I set up for them. Still waiting on more pictures of Paula... but please go visit the site, leave blessings for them in the comments area. There are tabs across the top of their page to get around on the site. . There is a link to their wish list... links to local accomodations... and pictures!

Have a blessed day, and thanks for reading!
 PS... reminder of my Dad's SURPRISE PARTY. Get me the cards and pictures ASAP!

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