Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To do, to DONE!

On my to do list:
Find out what Grand daughter Alana wants/ needs for her birthday.
Put together buying list(s) for Dad's party
Finish dad's gift(s)
Figure out what to do for Tommy's birthday
Figure out what to do for Bill's birthday
Continue unpacking stuff from the aborted move to Ohio
Order prints from Shutterfly
Find a dress for Ben and Paula's wedding
Lose weight

On my to DONE! list:
Mail Nickole's birthday gift
Get started on Ben and Paula's wedding gift
Get started on Dad's birthday gift(s)
Remind everyone (yet again) to please send me cards for dad's party
Decide what to make for supper tonite (beef fajitas)
Update blog

Have a blessed day. Feel free to add ideas in the comments on any of the things I need to do!

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