Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From the Library

At least here, I am able to get on to the Blogger site. At home, Blogger says that my browser is not compatible with the Blogger format. Perhaps I will have to change web hosts to keep up the blog.

A quick reminder to all... The big Birthday party for my Dad, Robert W. Beard will be this Sunday at his home in East Texas. As I am headed that way before the mail runs on Saturday, I need your cards in the mail either Tuesday or Wednesday to assure their delivery to me by Friday!

We will have markers (streamers) at the turns... one on Hwy 155, another on Weeping Willow, and you will be going STRAIGHT AHEAD onto the dirt road when Weeping Willow makes a 45* right turn. You will continue past the brick house on the left, through the gate, and start down the hill. The driveway is nearly hidden on the left hand side. we will have a marker there as well. Just keep going up the driveway, you will see the house about the time you decide that you are lost forever.

I can hardly wait to see all the family there.

 Be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

have Daniel download google chrome browser to your computer