Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The boys got a Piano Guys CD for their birthday last month. I often find it starting to play the moment I turn on the ignition. My favorite track on the CD (Vol.2) The Lord Of The Rings .
It was the track up on my way into work this morning.
I thought about the lessons one can gain from the LOTR books.
One is a lesson on love.
Frodo was taken in by desire for an inanimate object- The One Ring. He was used by it and abused by it, as he tried to deliver himself from its power.
In the end, he wasn't able to deliver himself.
He returned from his adventures, and went on with his life- never quite happy.
I wondered if this might be the allegory of a person who seeks to have greatness through wealth or riches?

Samwise made vows. He loved his friend, protected him, and carried him, even when he was at times reviled for his efforts.
In the end, Sam returns and finds love, family, and has children. He was at peace and able to be happy. Sam loved a person- and was not swayed from the love by objects or circumstances. He was willing to set his own life aside.

Like a soldier?  One who travels far to protect a greater good, one who bands with his brother soldiers to fight the enemy. Sam returned to find most of what he held most dear gone, or nearly gone, and had to continue his fight in order to restore the home he had already fought for in other lands.
The battle came home- it wasn't just left in other places.
Kings and Stewards out of their rightful places... battles waged internally. The RIGHT person or thing to be done may not be readily apparent. It may take searching, discerning, and overthrowing wrong thinking.
Merry and Pippen... we learned that even the smallest and seemingly insignificant among us have mighty works to do in places we may least expect to be called upon. Stay faithful in the little things.

My ride to work is very short- but all of these ideas must have been forming for awhile... they were just all  right there in my thinking.
Maybe my brain has been busy with the question Mr C asked the twins and I awhile back... "Why do you want to watch this movie, I don't see anything good about it." At the time, I had no answer, he really didn't want or expect one.

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