Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Where was I?....

Oh yeah. Doc appointment. Never mind I arrived at 3:15 for my 3:30 appointment. I was not called back until almost 4:30 pm, and the Doc didn't see me until 10 past 5. He was hasty... for him. He recommended an immediate as possible visit to an ENT (Ear nose Throat) specialist for a look at the vocal cords.
 Myself, I have become worried. I don't want to sound like this the rest of my life! What if's: This is how my grandkids remember my voice sounding? I can't talk to my Mom/ Dad/ kids? (Dad can barely understand me if I talk LOUDLY in a clear voice, before this) I can't talk to friends and family... because I simply have zero voice to use? I can't sing along with my favorite songs....
 I fret.

 My Mom's cousin June passed away Monday. She lived near Tulsa. We are headed to her funeral in the morning. (Mom and Ralph are here.) I knew June from the Taylor reunions... one of my favorite relatives there... the second we have lost on Mom's side of the family this month. :(

My voice is NO better. Thursday will be 3 weeks since I breathed in the acid fumes. Two rounds of steroids, faithfully taken... plus an added inhaled steroid. I have had to use the 'rescue' inhaler a few times in the last couple of weeks. Coughing up thick nasty stuff. The dry AC air seems to help a whole lot more than the moist/ humid air. I have tiny bit of "voice" after a few hours out of humidity. Weird, as humidity is supposed to 'help'.

 We had almost 3" of rain last night... in a VERY short amount of time! I am so thankful for the rain, we truly needed it! The weather has been 'cooler' so the AC hasn't been on... so I have got to breathe a lot of humid air... and can fairly state the humid air does NOT help me breathe. The humidity was so high today, we HAD to have the AC on, even with a high barely over 83*.

My most outstanding prayer requests are not for myself... what is a voice, after all? But for the Parker family  as Joshua enters  his last days. the doc's do not say he has 'months', but possibly weeks. His sister Bethany may well be in her final days, as the struggle to balance juvenile arthritis and heart disease wage war with one another. (Treating one exacerbates the other, so you have five year old in constant pain... )
and my friend Krista Malone- Bill's former boss. She has had to resign from her job due to health issues and complications from yet another vehicle accident. (She was hit- in no way to blame.) She needs financial stability.

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Truth said...

So I have to ask, did you get an appointment with an ENT???