Friday, July 26, 2013

Update on the Voice...

Originally, the ER Doc told me that if my voice wasn't 'improved' by Saturday, to go see my regular Doc.
By Saturday my voice was improved. Practically anything is an improvement over NO voice AT ALL.
So I didn't go see my regular Doctor. I expected my voice would continue to improve. It has not. At the urging of family and friends... and my boss.... I went for a follow up visit yesterday.
My doc put me right back on the same steroids I had completed a run of immediately after the incident. He also added an inhaled steroid. Asked if I had been running a fever. My answer was, "Not to my knowledge."
After listening to my chest, and turning his hearing aid all the way up and leaning in really closely to hear my answers to his questions... I was told I have laryngitis. (Duh, you think?)
So I was dismissed, and given a printout of my visit... including all the vitals they took... I was 100.1* ! That's a low grade fever- but for me, I can't ever get the thermometer to register normal. MY normal is in the low 97's.
I was ordered to NOT TALK. I may whisper if I absolutely MUST say something important.
Secondary follow-up will be Tuesday, and if I am still hoarse, I will be sent to an ENT for a look at the vocal cords.
That's all from me. You can call me, but I can only listen... so if you need me, text or send me an email or instant message.

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