Wednesday, July 24, 2013

OK, OK... I'm GOING already.

Just because I can't talk doesn't mean I can't hear you.

After a couple days of prodding, my boss got hold of the powers in charge of medical issues at work. I jumped through all of the hoops like a trained bear... and go back to see my own Doctor tomorrow afternoon at 4:00.
 Knowing MY doc, that probably means I will get in to see him by about 6:00pm.
He is very good at giving each patient however much time they need- which annoys the heck out of the clinic staff. But the patients love him.

So anyway, he will listen to my voice, stick a stethoscope on my chest to hear the lungs, advise me that breathing battery fumes is bad for me. I'd really like to know WHY I am still not able to talk.
Again this week with the "Oh I bet your husband/ family is THRILLED!" comments.
Seriously, do women really talk that much?

Sometimes my voice is just a tiny bit 'off', but most of the time it is seriously off key. I've been told I sound like a teenage boy hitting puberty. I can go from deep and raspy to high and squeaky in one sentence.

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