Monday, July 22, 2013

The Summer just keeps steaming along...

We are just few days from Grandson Tyrel's SIXTH birthday! I made him a little cowhide print vest- aiming for the Toy Story Woody look.
I looked up vest patterns online- then took a brown paper sack and made up my own. The first attempt, I was trying for reversible.  I couldn't quite manage it. And Mr C and the boys said it looked WAY TOO SMALL for a six year old.

So I tried again. The second one came out well. My worst moments were attempting to make a sturdy felt star. I couldn't get a template to download or re-size to what I needed. I tried free handing. I tried folding squares and cutting a bit larger than the small template. I tried five pointed stars, I tried six pointed stars. I butchered my entire supply of gold felt. I had purchased some yellow star shaped plastic buttons and resolved to just use one of those.
Sam spoke up and said that when he was a kid, if he got 'clothes' for his birthday, he was always disappointed... but if it was something like a vest that was REALLY wanted, and it had a lame plastic button or felt star for the sheriff's badge, it would of been pretty disappointing.
We had found a metal Concho star at Hobby Lobby. It attached with a thick screw- and I was concerned about it being held on with a nut, so I didn't buy it.
 I was running out of time to get it done and mailed off. I had to be in Siloam to take care of some business, and went on to see what Atwoods might have. There I found a string bolo tie with a sheriff-ish metal slide. I debated on that, or driving the 40 miles in the opposite direction for the Concho.  Being right there- the bolo tie won. It is simply pinned to the vest.

As long as the sewing machine was out, and I already had created two vests- I thought I would try my hand at some little tutu skirts.
Those are going OK, I have made two and have two left to do for grand daughters.
I am thinking maybe two more vests are in order- for Gavin and for Jasher. Alana is at the age where she would still (I hope) enjoy a tutu skirt. Gavin, I feel fairly sure will still like a vest. However- the older grandkids.... what can I do for them? Nothing they would like! I'm sure they would find Cowgranny sewing them something pretty lame. Maybe, just maybe- purses for the girls... but what about Connor?


I have now finished three of the skirts.... Jennifer, I need Alana's waist size before I can start hers.
Meanwhile I have another special project, which When it is finished, I INTEND for it to be used and not just 'admired'!
Have a blessed day!

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