Tuesday, March 10, 2015

And, They're off!

There was rain in the night Sunday night. We weren't at all sure our little Toyota would make it the miles and miles up the slick red clay Forestry Service road wending its way up the mountainside. We did make it... and then Tom and I hiked the .9 (point nine) miles up to the top of Springer Mountain to see the boys off. What I didn't realize, they sign in on the summit, then the trail brings them right back down to the same parking lot and back off the opposite side of the lot! So I got nearly 2 miles of hiking in myself! We had stopped on the way to the mountain for donuts... and there was half a box left - so after the sign in, we stopped at the car and ate donuts before they continued on down the trail.
At the sign in stone on the summit of Mt. Springer, Dan was saying that he was feeling a bit more comfortable with the trail name possibly being "Osprey". I was still saying the boys would end up being Lewis and Clark! Tom was telling the boys how awesome this whole endeavor was going to be, all because of Dan's visionary work. Sam says,  "Hey, 'Visionary' would be a perfect trail name for Daniel!"
We will see if it sticks... after all, it was given atop Mt Springer! (Sam's chosen name has been "Otter" for months).
Tom and I watched the boys fade into the forest until we couldn't see them any more... then went to North Carolina, where I got to finally meet a long time internet friend, Sharon, and her son Matt. After our meeting, Tom and I headed to Ohio.
We got a late afternoon call from the twins... plenty of daylight left had me initially freaking out as I answered. They had settled in early to camp for the night, preferring to keep the tortoise pace, rather than run a sprint to finish a marathon. They were camped on a mountaintop, had had supper, set up their tent, and were just letting everyone know all was well!
Keep them in your prayers!

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