Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Still kicking along!

I've got scalloped taters in the oven, pork chops marinating to be cooked in the rotisserie. Avocados begging to be used for something.
After a few *I'm a parent and it's my job* worrisome days, we heard from the Individuals today. Sam broke the screen on his tablet... no blog updates, no Skype, no Anne of Green Gables until they get it replaced. I got a replacement screen ordered for them.. and so much for Amazon Prime two day shipping! It is supposed to arrive... at the place they were suppose to arrive at on the 30th... either the 30 to the 1st. Which is only a small problem if they weren't actually closer to arriving on the 28th. Their care package should be at the spot today- at the latest tomorrow. They may have to pay to have the replacement screen re-mailed to a future stop.
The boys made Gatlinburg, TN today. They hadn't planned to stop there, but ran low on supplies. You eat way more than you think you will when living on the Trail. Sam said he expected Gatlinburg to be about the size of Gentry, a small town with a limited choice of resupply spots. Instead, he finds Tourist Central. Had not the boys been on a tight schedule due to their Great Smokey Mountains hiking permit, Sam said they would of loved to spend more time exploring this historic town.

I looked around the house here... my organized-ish pack rats nest! and found the wrist brace I used some 13 years ago when I had carpal tunnel problems. After a couple of days of the itchy neoprene device, we went to town and Tom got me a sturdy, clunky brace. I am wearing it not quite 24/7... have to take it off  to wash my hands, cook, or wet clean anything. Just loosen it a bit at night to keep me from curling my arms up into little pretzels while I sleep. We will see how I am faring after this coming Friday night, when I cannot wear it at all to work. If necessary, I may have to reluctantly give notice. We are trying some "natural" remedies before resorting to surgery. If I don't have a rapid improvement, it will have to be surgery. (I know you CAN get better from carpal tunnel, I've done so before.)
Carpal tunnel is related to rheumatoid arthritis, which the doc says I have some form of- so not sure how effective treating just CT will be without full out counter attacking the RA. We shall see. Meanwhile, trying to write... or type... is "interesting."
Please continue prayers for our boys!

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