Friday, March 20, 2015

Whew, what a work-out.

Tonight was my first night to solo as the Fryer. It was also Chicken fried Chicken night. A whole extra set-up involved, and twice the amount of frying.
I need an elevator up the front steps at home. Four is too many. One is too many!
The boys were sorely missed by everyone. We had a substitute dishwasher, one of the ladies who has been there a long time- Barbara. I don't know where the teen girl is Sam trained, we were too busy to talk! But the daytime dishwasher- I don't even know if I can type without crying.
Brenda lost her 18 year old son to heart failure a couple of nights ago. He was bowling, felt bad. Felt REALLY bad. 911 was called- he didn't even make it to the hospital. He had been sick a couple of months back with pneumonia- folks are wondering if it damaged his heart.
The owner, Cam, drained and filtered the oil for me tonight, and carried the heavy buckets. I think people noticed I was struggling with them.
What I have been thinking for months is arthritis settled into one arm, and worsening, my Moms (Rose and Kathie) and my Dad, and brother Robbie all agreed I was wrong. I apparently have a classic and advanced case of carpal tunnel. I suppose I better find time to get that taken care of. Supposed to be a minor surgery. I am tired of hurting! Wonder if I can blame my lower back pain on carpal tunnel?
Several of my co-workers asked how I was faring during the evening. Many stepped up to help when I had fish, hush puppies, chicken fingers, and chicken fried chicken all cooking, and was needing to cut and/or bread more fish, fingers, and CFC. Most were afraid I was stressed out. I wasn't stressed at all- just in pain. No one yelled at me, or chewed me out. Those things stress me out. Being busy with multiple tasks does not.
Oh, Cam also showed me how to remove the blast nozzle from the pressure washer. It was MUCH easier to clean the fryers without the narrow focused pressure stream! I joked and said maybe Dan WANTED me covered in blasted bits of fryer debris, and that was why he didn't show me to do that! The narrow focus blast nozzle DOES have its place in cleaning the fryer... AFTER the debris is rinsed out!
Anyway, all the co-workers are enjoying the boys' blog, and quite a few commented on how much they enjoy Sam's writing ability. I had a call from the twins about noon today- they had received texts concerning Brenda's son. They are past the 150 mile mark, and expect to be to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park within the next day or so. They are still having a grand time, though had a miserably wet night last (Thursday) night. They said they pretty much everything, everywhere, in every way was wet. (Except sleeping bags). They snuggled into their "burritos of warmth" and slept in this morning. (They are known for being on the trail when its is still too early to hike without their head lamps.)
That is all for now. Goodnight, be blessed!

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