Thursday, March 19, 2015

Here we are... the empty nest

Which really isn't the point of the post here.
I got home tonight from getting Jaffa from his "grandparents". My Dad and Kathie have doggy-sat him while we took the twins to the Appalachian Trail.
I picked up one spoiled rotten dog. He adopted my brother Robbie, his "uncle" while we were gone.
Apparently, Jaffa was Robbie's shadow the past week and a half. He even SLEPT with him.
I'm sorry, my parental duties to our dog do NOT include sleeping with him. Yes, many folks do sleep with their dogs. I do not.
Oh, the doggy drama.
The first night I was there, Jaffa was SO glad to see me. He would NOT let me go out of the house to the car for anything, unless he came along. He came upstairs with me. I made him a pallet to sleep on. He put his paws on the bed, and wagged hopefully. I told him, "Don't even THINK of it!". He gave a huge sigh and went over and curled up on his pallet, as the bedroom door was closed.
Last night, Kathie and I were up late. Jaffa fell asleep on his elevated doggy bed in the living room, with its two pads, plus blankets. I went up to bed and left him sleeping. I left the bedroom door cracked.
During the night, Jaffa discovered he was downstairs without any of his people. He came up and opened the bedroom where I was. He put his paws on the bed and "asked" permission to get on it. I said, "No. You sleep on your pallet!"
He gave a heavy sigh, went down the hall and jumped the gate that contains my brother's dogs in their portion of the house. He never came back. This morning, my brother tells me, Jaffa pawed him, and nosed him over. He slept with them!
Dan and Sam have called several times. They were at/ beyond "Wayah Bald" at the 120 mile mark of the trail last night. That does NOT include today's hiking.
Both are doing well! if you have a copy of the 2015 Northbound A.T. Guide, they are entering page 20.
I added an additional photo site for their adventure: to their site. This is separate from their blog at . I will add a few pictures to it as I receive them.
Prayers are appreciated! Thank you for reading.

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