Friday, June 26, 2015


I certainly am a wordy person! This is my 1000th post to this blog.
Of course, this is over a period of some 7+ years.
I woke this morning with a sore throat and coughing up gunk... not an auspicious beginning. Not so much a sore throat, as raw. Getting some Thieves oil on my neck to stop it now!
I am trying to tie up loose ends before I have to head off to work... Tomorrow I go get Nickole and Alana.
I totally blew the THM diet this morning. I had pre-sweetened "kid cereal" with almond milk. It was made from rice and wheat. I immediately got stomach cramps and reacted as if I had ingested lactose... so I am wondering if perhaps a subtle gluten allergy may be as much to blame for some past problems as milk products?
I have lost weight between THM and walking.
I have missed walking the last few days. Wednesday I skipped the walk because I had been "ill" during the night Tuesday. (I hate tossing cookies!!!) I felt better by Thursday morning, so set off to the west, turning south on the first road. I hadn't gone more than 100 yards when I saw a truck coming from the opposite direction. It was travelling slowly, but there were two big dogs chasing it. I recognized the neighbor dog we call "Special" as one of those dogs. I didn't want to have to deal with dogs, and I REALLY didn't want to have to deal with Special, so I turned around and got back around the corner. The dogs had given up chasing the truck, and headed back south.
I figured I would just continue on East of the house and finish my walk.
We hadn't seen Special around for more than a week, and wondered if her people had got rid of her, or finally starved the poor dog to death. Seeing her IN THE DISTANCE satisfied my wondering about what had become of her.... I really didn't need her to see me and insist I needed a guard dog for my walk. When I made it safely around the corner, I was relieved. Whoot! Close call.
Just as I reached the driveway passing Special's people's home, there was a great rattling and shaking in the brush and tall grass... and out leaped a bear!
Oh wait... it wasn't a bear.
It was Special... and she was SSSSsssooooOOOOoooo glad to see me and can she go with me on my walk? and oh look I'm all wet! here let me shake oh now you are wet too but you looked too warm out here and here I am so glad to see you aren't you glad to see me let me leap up on you and lick at your face and dance circles around you and stray into the road the cars always stop
Yeah. One wet, exuberant dog had seen me after all. Between her house and mine, no less than five cars had to completely STOP for her being in the road. Several slowed way down. ALL of the drivers glared at ME. Special gave me escort home, where I just gave up on the days walk. (.8 total mileage)
I usually cut my walk short on Fridays due to working all evening- I don't want to be worn out before I get there. Storms this morning, and me with stuff still to do, so I didn't even TRY today.
I am on a break from vacuuming the house. I've got beds made for the girls, kid friendly food stocked in the cupboard. Just half the house left to complete on floors, plus once over in the bathrooms... Ready as I can get.
Still wish I were getting to have all the kids at once!

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