Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rambles and brambles

It's been more than 10 days since my last post... and here I am ragging on the boys for not posting more on their blog!
Tomorrow, Daniel and Samuel will be 19 years old. I urge you to text them Happy Birthday wishes (and let them know who you are) at 479 426 4386
They are in a motel for their second day in a row... Sam came down with a norovirus  overnight Sunday. Monday, Dan and a trail friend "Werewolf" got him to a motel in town for the night. Sam began to feel better, when Dan was struck down. So a second night in the motel was called for. Reminds me of their first birthday, 18 years ago... both boys were covered in chickenpox. That bout was due to an outbreak from the local public school during its final week of classes, brought home from the older kids.
* They are currently in Massachusetts!*
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I got their most recent batch of Appalachian Trail pictures last night. These are only between Damascus, and McAfee Knob. They got a brand new photo card for their birthday, so I can add to the pictures as they fill up more cards.

Tom and I got our end of the "pick up the twins in Maine" details worked out... at least the high points are worked out. Some of the details have yet to be decided. One detail is food.... We want to have fajitas one night as we camp. What the second night? What about lunches? We have to carry EVERYTHING we need in... there is no electricity, no potable water, no happy little grocery store up the road. (Nearest town is 30 miles away.) Anyway... the detaily details still are under consideration. We grabbed the very LAST campsite available at the campground that the AT passes through in Baxter State Park for the week the twins HOPE to be there. We took the only two days it was available. I believe God knows the perfect timing- and with that being the only days available anywhere NEAR their anticipated arrival time... we took it. We have been TOLD that this park holds 1/3 of all its campsites in reserve for Maine residents, up to the week before any given date, and then opens them to out of staters. So perhaps we can change plans if it comes down to it.
 Meanwhile, back here in Arkansas... I have continued to walk. I am up to 43 miles cumulative total since the 31st of May. I have gained almost back to my starting point on the diet... I sure hope it is muscle gain!
I've had some lovely walks. Have you ever noticed, each variety of tree has its own sound when the wind blows through it? Squirrels and blackbirds are the most likely critters I have found that scold me. The poor, poor killdeer has shown me its "broken" wing nearly daily. (If you are unfamiliar with them, a killdeer builds its nest on the ground, in short grass or gravel. If you get too close to the nest (which is VERY hard to see), the parent birds will land near you and try to entice you to catch them instead, as they flap in convincing helplessness just ahead of you. When you are suitably far from their nest, the bird is "miraculously" healed and flies away! This morning I saw a doe and fawn drinking from a catch pond. Earlier in the week, a snapping turtle and a black snake shared the road with me. I am not freaky about snakes. Just keep June bugs away from me!
Here are a few of my shots from this month. Have a blessed day!

Garden, mid-May

Tom in the Garden, early June
The pond is full and overflowing

South Pleasant Valley Rd, walking north

Someone tell me what kind of flower this is.

Rustic Barn

BUNNY in the road
Doe and fawn

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