Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Five and a half weeks?

That's about how long I have before my original proposition of Camp CowGranny would be starting. However, I haven't been able to "make it happen". Just so much other stuff going on this summer- especially in July.
I am reluctantly saying I can't do it this year.
I still want to have all my Grandkids together... I just can't do it in the next couple of months.
This is not to say that if any of my kids/ kids -in- laws/ former kids-in-laws want to contact me about visiting or having the grands visit, we won't try to work something out... anyone, any time we are home!
(I just referred to house as 'home'. What's wrong with me?)

Lynn/ Glynna... I can try to meet at the half-way point some time if Nickole wants to visit. Bear in mind, I work Friday nights, so it might be a Sat to Thursday sort of thing, or maybe fewer days.
Same for Connor and Alana!
I can't promise to meet halfway for Gavin, at least at the moment. This makes me really sad. The halfway point for that is actually Omaha, TX... which is not too far from my Dad's home. But I can't just take off down there any time.
The idea of meeting at the WMWR was "washed out". Much of the WMWR is closed off due to the flooding and a tornado doing a considerable amount of damage there.

We WILL be at my Dad's, Lord willing and the river don't rise... July 18th-19th.
Which reminds me... FAMILY... mark the date (July 18) and plan to attend Kathie's birthday party. I don't know that the time is yet fixed, but "Saturday afternoon". Simple cake and punch, we aren't planning a buffet this time.
Since I have to work Friday night and it's a 7 hour drive for me, I hope it will be after 2:00 pm! Those of you with just the weekend off may appreciate it being Saturday afternoon as well.
Want to camp? http://www.wattsrvpark.com/ is probably where Gma Rose and Gpa Ralph will set up. NICE PLACE! (Fishing, swimming pool, bathrooms and showers, lots of fun stuff) They will probably be there by Friday- if not sooner.
Those of you who can't attend... sending a card is a nice gesture. But I do hope you will try to be there.

Beyond MY plans and busyness for the Summer- There is the Taylor Family reunion in Broken Bow, very last Saturday in September, I believe. (Grandma Rose's family)
In October, My GRANNY's family (Arretta Gibson Beard) is planning a Gibson Family reunion at the home of Granny's brother Frosty (Forrest)'s daughter in/ near Las Vegas. It was decided it is beyond time for the far flung cousins and kin to get to know one another.

Daniel and Sam are down to about 8 or 9 weeks left in their adventure. We are counting on the increasingly rough terrain slowing them down as they grow closer to the end of the AT.
Prayers for all are appreciated!

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