Friday, June 5, 2015

Going in to the weekend....

One of those weeks where I feel like I have accomplished almost nothing. I did get 19 miles of walking in... but opted to NOT walk today, as I work tonight. As hot as it has been, I have not been consistently wearing the arm brace for the carpal tunnel. I awoke last night to pains that told me wearing the brace should be a priority, even when it is hot!
I should of expected a bum week this week, after the way it started out. Sunday afternoon, Tom and I headed to the Jane, MO., Wal-Mart to get our passport pictures printed. Using a program provided by the passport application site, I carefully pre-sized our pictures and saved on my camera card. We ran out of ink in printing the applications, so also needed ink for the printer. We were less than a mile down the highway, when some IDIOT woman pulled out in front of us from a dirt side-road. She was looking RIGHT for traffic as she pulled directly into our 55 MPH path. Tom locked up the brakes and steered for the ditch. Hearing our tires squealing, she looked our way and gunned it. We missed her driver side rear quarter panel by inches.
Sheeesh! We got to WalMart, and their "instant" picture machine refused to read my camera card. Finally got a one-hour machine to accept it... and found out this Wal-mart didn't offer the ID/Passport sized pictures. I tried resizing and choosing the wallet sized pictures anyway.
So for an hour we wandered Wal-Marts and did our grocery shopping. At length, the pictures were done. It was apparent at once they were too large, even trimmed to the correct size.
Being near to Bella Vista, we headed down the road to CVS pharmacy, where they actually advertise doing instant passport photos. Once again, their machine failed to read my camera card. (I clearly need a new card!) We gave in and had CVS take our photos and print them... $11.99 each! (The Post Office charges $15.00) As we prepared to leave CVS, we remembered we were out of printer ink! ARGH! CVS didn't sell our brand. I found this very ironic... their photo kiosk is Kodak. Their photos printed out on Kodak film paper. yet they don't carry Kodak printer ink...
The CVS was closer to the Bentonville, AR, Wal-Mart than  Jane, MO.  So we headed to Bentonville. (Bella Vista, AR is sandwiched between Jane and Bentonville.) A quick in- and-out with the ink! As we left the store, I asked Tom if he had the postage stamps we had paid for when we bought groceries in Jane.
Sigh. He thought I had them. Back to Jane we went.
We eventually got home. I got the passport applications printed, and started gathering documents. Tom's freshly arrived birth certificate was right there, as I had made the appointment for the passport as soon as I got his document from the State of Ohio. My birth certificate was supposed to be in the important paper file. I looked THREE times... and in a panic of tears and frustration, started going through random piles of miscellaneous paperwork scattered through the house. This was even more upsetting, because I have been cleaning and there were only a couple of places to look! As I hyperventilated, Tom went to look in the thrice searched important paper file. He was back in moments with the document. Huge sigh of relief!
We got to the Post Office right on time for our appointment Monday. You'll not believe it... Tom's CVS passport photos were mis-sized. Unacceptable. He had to have the Post Office take his after all.
Yesterday necessitated a return trip to the Bella Vista CVS for a refund, which they did with very little aggravation. (Fortunately, Tom hadn't burned the receipt yet and we had been able to retrieve it from the trash!)

The weather is warming up... it IS June! We haven't yet had to turn on the AC, but I am sure the days without it will be short lived.
Dan and Sam are approaching 1400 miles and still going strong!
Some of the family missed my earlier blog post notice: No Camp CowGranny at this time. I just can't afford it. Sad Face :(
Have a blessed day. Time for me to get ready to fry some fish!

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