Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Diet and Exercise...

Mr. C and I have been trying to eat the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) style diet for the past week. Mr. C has been faithfully doing a morning exercise regime. I have been trying to do some walking. (I am just under 14 miles for this week, so far.)
THM says you should lose only 1-2 lbs. per week on their diet. I remind myself- I put it on slowly, don't expect to take it off quickly.
Me, wanting to rush things just a bit, read that walking 5 miles a day will burn 1 lb. in 7 days. I won't make that extra lb. go away THIS week, but maybe in two weeks I will be down 3 lbs. instead of 2! After 9 days on THM, I can see the scale has budged... ever so slightly. Yay! (Still no way I will be below 140 by the end of June. Maybe by the end of September....)
My "goal weight" will eventually be 130 lbs. According to the guidelines, even THAT is a few lbs. over the "ideal" weight for someone my height. But there is NO WAY to make me think I need or want to be under 120 lbs. I am losing weight FOR ME... so I lessen the risk of developing diabetes. So that I can someday, maybe, finally! get to go and hike the Grand Canyon.

Friday nights are automatic "failure" for me on THM. I am the fry cook. I make the hush puppies. I fry the fish. I fry the chicken fingers. All that breading + fat is bad! I try to balance the requisite samples with a salad for my meal. (I need to remember to take WATER to drink- standing over the hot fryer, I may drink 3 or 4 large lemonades, or lemonade+Mt. Dew mix, over the shift.)

I was going to look at getting some new shorts/ shirts for our trip. Guess I better wait to see if I have lost 10-12 lbs. by the end of  July. Hit up the thrift stores and clearance racks THEN.

Daniel and Sam entered into New York State today. They are trudging right along. If they don't slow down a bit, they will be hiked PAST the AT and clear into Canada before we catch up with them! Currently at about 1345 miles from where we dropped them off. Here they are, kicking out 20+ mile days, carrying 30+ lbs. on their backs... and I don't manage a simple 5 miles carrying only water, cell phone, and house keys. (My longest walk thus far was today, 4.3 miles).
I am trying to be in good enough shape I can take some short hikes while we are gone to get the boys. As much as I have enjoyed the twins Appalachian Trail hike stories, and the stories of those other souls whose blogs we have been reading, I have searched my heart and found NO DESIRE to hike the AT myself. (Maybe do a "slack packer" support for others who want to hike. But I would rather drive and camp and cook than hike all those miles myself! Take a day hike, a section maybe... but NOT the whole AT.)

Guess that's all for today. Be blessed!

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