Sunday, July 19, 2015

I would rather not set a new record on bad years...

2012 has my permission to hold the all time title for the rest of my life.
But this week is stacking up as a Very. Bad. Week.
My BFF Angie's daughter Katrina was killed in a car accident Friday morning. Trina was 21- would of been 22 in November.
My friend of the past 11-ish years, Cindi. In the past 2 years: Lung cancer, double bypass on her heart, bleeding ulcers almost bled her out, brain tumor... she has fought a hard battle. Turning from atheistic views, to believing God MUST have a plan for her... and this week learns the cancer is not only back- but is at stage 4. Her life expectancy is: "Longer if she keeps fighting". I got the call from a mutual friend on our way to Kathie's birthday party Saturday.

My Mom got a call on her way to the party. A good friend of her and Ralph, who has been bounced around the doctors who have given him several incorrect diagnoses the last few months... collapsed with what is now said to be a cancerous tumor on his spine. One doctor said even if the tumor is a benign cancer, the spinal damage is already done and he will remain paralyzed. (On the good news side- he wiggled his toes, there is hope for recovery!) (Steve)
Saturday night Mom got a call from her brother in California- their niece's son was found passed away in his bed. (Debby)

My cousin Jeanie was unable to attend Kathie's party... her husband Ronnie had a "mini stroke" and is in the hospital.
My former DIL's Mom is in the hospital with a severe stomach inflammation. (Lynn)
A niece, and a former sister in law have both been in the hospital the last week with blood clots in their legs. (Susan) (Cami)
DIL Paula requests prayers for healing of kidney issues.
Kathie's cousin (Judy) is having rejection issues with a heart transplant.
So, my prayer request list is rather lengthy.
Kathie had a good turn out for her party. Thank you to all who came, and all who sent cards. We know there are very valid reasons many who would of liked to have attended, could not. For those of you who MEANT to send a card, it isn't too late... her birthday is another week off. You have time to mail a card!
My mom and I had a few chuckles. I am becoming more my Mom every day. First of all, we both brought a few party decorations. We did NOT duplicate one another. However, we did exactly co-ordinate colors... turquoise blue and shades of purple! I had bought balloons, she bought crepe paper. And they MATCHED. This was NOT discussed beforehand.
This morning, I got up and got dressed. Mom arrived at Dad and Kathie's a short while later. Mom and I were wearing coordinating peach colored shirts... matching sneakers (same brand and color), and we both had matching boo-boos at the same spot on our legs. Totally unplanned.
We had a great time getting to see Becky and Tommy, Becky's kids, and Connor and Alana. (Our hopes for seeing Gavin were dashed once again.)
Jaffa looked quite unhappy at being left behind for his visit with his "grandparents". But he was following my Dad around all afternoon, and his "uncle" keeps sneaking him treats. He is going to be spoiled rotten!
Another week, we will be Maineward bound!

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