Friday, July 10, 2015

Yes, there was a tornado. Missed us completely...

I am guessing the tornado that hit Gentry (about 7 miles from us) was during the time yesterday evening when Tom and I were looking out at the pouring rain, and it was coming down so hard we couldn't see across the field to the neighbors' houses. Nothing to indicate a tornado here. We did get 2.7 inches of rain in 36 hours.

My tomato sauce ended up as pizza sauce. REALLY tasty. I made a THM inspired crust using cooked squash, coconut flour, eggs, parmesan cheese, and seasoning. When I mentioned the pizza to Sam over the phone, he said it sounded more like a casserole than pizza. Tom assured him, it was very much "real" pizza with crust. We were pleased. It also didn't leave us feeling bloated afterwards.

This is Friday, so my work day. Tonight, I am pretty sure it is beef tips on the menu. Of course, *I* will be making the fish, hush puppies, and chicken fingers.
I TRY to sleep in on Fridays. No such luck this morning. I was up before 6. My brain was humming with everything coming up the next few weeks.
Next Saturday is Kathie's party. We will be taking Jaffa down with us, and bringing Connor and Alana back. We are supposed to get to see Gavin while we are there. I hope we do! Connor and Alana are spending the coming week with "Uncle" Becky, and then leave for camp the morning after we get back from East Texas.

That week will be VERY quiet here- Jaffa staying at his grandparents house. (Shhhh! I think he is their favorite grand-dog!) I am sure he is looking forward to seeing his 'cousins' and Uncle as well.
I decided to put off final gathering/ packing for each trip for that week. I have been putting items in pre-staging areas as I think of them.

We will not much more than get back to here, when the twins are taking off for Zesch Trek. I haven't even asked where they are going this year. Seems the Pecos Wilderness has been the destination every year the twins have gone, thus far. But the Trekkers have gone to Colorado in the past. (Maybe some day they will come do the Arkansas mountains!)
While the twins head to Texas/ Trek, Ben and Paula are coming to see us!
Seems we are going to be busy EVERY weekend/ week from now until late August. (Starting tomorrow with a cookout/ baby shower at a friend's house.)
Yesterday was my step-Dad Ralph's 81st birthday, as well as my FAVORITE Son in Law Stephen's 29th birthday. Kathie's party is the 18th, but her birthday, as well as nephew Tony's birthday are actually the 27th. Before that, nephew Luke on the 20th, and grandson Tyrel on the 25th. (The 25th was also Tom's dad's birthday.)
Tom and I will have our 31st anniversary August 3rd. Looks like we could easily be celebrating it at Niagara Falls! Whoot- first time to do anything "major" on any anniversary. (Yes, I know it is simple coincidence we are doing anything at all this year. The anniversary just happens to fall in line with plans laid for other reasons.)
Have a blessed day, thanks for reading!

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