Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Victorious Day?

This morning, we had pancakes for breakfast. Both girls gobbled them down. Alana and I went out and picked the garden- peas, green beans, and squash. We noticed the blackberry vines in the side yard were ripely laden, so we picked those. That sort of set the path for the day.
We put on the bug deterrent, remembered to take water and hats... and set out berry picking the local roads. Nickole quickly grew tired and opted to sit in the car. Alana and I found a LOT of perfectly ready bushes along the roadsides, and before long, had enough for a second batch of jelly.
We returned to the house, where Mr C had arrived for lunch. He had taken out the plates of leftovers from the week so far, and everyone got to choose what they wanted to eat. Nickole had a hot dog. Alana had brats and sauerkraut. Mr C had a brat and we shared the leftover wings. Everyone was happy... two meals in a row!
For the afternoon, the girls and I needed to can green beans, make jelly, and wanted to make some simple skirts. I remembered Alana and I had found some "fairy stones" on our hike earlier in the week. We also planned to make those into necklaces.
We started with the green beans. Alana and I had those jarred up and in the pressure canner in no time!
We dug out my craft tubs... and the girls found material they liked. But no elastic. The berries were cleaned and ready to go... and I realized we had no pectin.
Clearly, a trip to town was in order.
As soon as the beans were done cooking, we set off.
The girls each chose a new fabric for a skirt- not having to settle for what I had on hand. Alana chose Minions. Nickole chose Strawberry Shortcake,  "Because I love Strawberry Shortcake even more than I love my Mom... and THAT's a LOT". We got elastic.
Alana reminded me we had planned earlier in the week to do berry stained T shirts. So we grabbed a couple of white T shirts. I got the pectin... we headed home.
Sam had called while we were out... he needed me to get an overnight order in for some prepackaged "real" back packer meals before they hit their next long trail segment. I got that done... which delayed the doing of stuff here.
The berries were cooking down while I made Nickole's skirt. Then the girls decorated the white shirts with berry mash and blackberry juice. I got those hung out and supper on to cook moments before Mr C got home.
We had tacos. Nickole ate two. I was informed that they were a lot better than the AWFUL food I have been making her eat all week.
(Most of my kids and grandkids think I am a great cook. I can hear Nickole now telling her kids what a terrible cook her CowGranny was!)
So it was a successful day as far as food went with the Princess.
We finished supper, I got the leftovers put away, dishwasher reloaded. I got Alana's skirt started. Mr C put in a movie I found at WM I knew he would enjoy: Earnest P. Worrels Greatest Hits. It had a couple we had never even heard of.
Alana's skirt was complete. I brought the girls beautifully stained T shirts in, and tried setting the stains in the dryer before washing all their clothes.
(The washing turned out to be the undoing of the shirts :(
They just look dirty now- All their pretty patterns are faint grey stains. I probably bought stain resistant shirts or something.)
Before the movie was quite over, we did our necklaces. Nickole was bored and finished a simple necklace quickly. Alana took her time- both turned out nicely.
I am pretty sure we have everything gathered and cleaned up for their returns home tomorrow. They have their skirts, and jelly, necklaces, and T shirts. Plus Alana is taking home one of the jars of beans she did herself. (Nickole was NOT interested in taking beans home!)
It has been quite a week. Or almost week.
I'm still under the weather- probably would of been in bed the entire time if I hadn't started a bout of prednisone.
Tom and I have carbed out- totally NOT watching the diet. My walking was far less than it had been. So looks like we start fresh next week!

The shirts before washing

Alana and Nickole
Showing off their new duds!

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Truth said...

Wow, I wish I had your energy and ambition! Since all of my grands, except one, are under 2, I haven't had this kind of grandma time yet. I hope when Nickole is older she will certainly recognize that her cowgranny was/is an excellent cook.

I think you are pretty amazing!