Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's all in the presentation....

The picky picky princess was not pleased with last night's supper, for the most part. After a quick post-swimming snack of heat and eat chicken strips, the girls settled in to watch a movie while CowGranny got supper started.
We were having chicken wings, kale with bacon, and grilled squash.
I expected the wings would be the only food Nickole would like- the kale and the squash being on her suspicion list.
The wings went into the rotisserie to get nicely browned and tasty. Really simple. Kale was washed and torn to bites. I cooked bacon in my cast iron skillet, pushed the bacon to the side, and quick cooked the kale in the hot bacon oil. I left out the onions and mushrooms I usually put into this dish. The squash I simply sliced into rounds, sprayed with cooking oil spray on a pizza pan. I seasoned lightly with garlic powder and smoked paprika, topping with tiny sprinkles of parmesan cheese. Then I grilled them. They looked like wee little pizzas!
Nickole protested the kale, but ate it after seeing I was right- it was already in her mouth and she would keep on having the taste in her mouth until she swallowed it. Took less than 30 seconds for her to eat her kale. (She didn't die.)
She asked what was the (squash). I told her they were wee little pizzas. She picked them up and ate them. Both of them. No arguments, no griping, no negotiating.
It was the chicken wing she protested. It wasn't a chicken strip.
 (I know, the chicken strips were at lunch. This is still chicken.)
 (She only likes WHITE meat.)
(A wing IS white meat.)
 (How is she supposed to eat the BONES? The BONES can choke you! )
  (You eat the meat from the bones and don't eat the bone.)
(She doesn't LIKE chicken!)
 (Yes you do, you asked for seconds at lunch.)
Alana finished her supper- including the squash, which she isn't a huge fan of- and was having cherries and ice cream for dessert.
(How come Alana gets to have cherries and ice cream?)
(Because she ate her supper. When you eat your supper, you can have some too, if you want.)
(I DO want some. Right NOW! I do NOT want my supper. I want ice cream!)
(That's not the way it works.)
Yes, she ate the chicken.
And she got ice cream and she got cherries.

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