Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Whoot! Got an extra day of work!

Friday afternoon, Staffmark called. They needed someone to "build boxes" Monday and Tuesday at Dayspring. By first break, my arm felt like it was falling off. I did discover a way to improve my speed. They had several extra people show up from different departments to help... so we ended up with only one day of work instead of two. But that was a day I didn't have otherwise. I ended up with four tape gun cuts and one box cut before the day was over. I joked that they were going to go broke keeping me in bandages!

I don't know why my brain goes off the reservation sometimes. Us box builders were shown to take the cardboard flat that was cut to shape. Fold in the short sides, and one long side. Tape across, and stack it up. The stacks of built boxes kept getting knocked over, so three of the others started stacking them in holding boxes. Once we had a number of boxes built, we went back and put four 6"x6" calendars in each box, taped the final long flab down, and set aside again for labeling. I timed doing it this way- how long did it take to process 50 completed/ filled/ ready to label units. Then I tried taking the flat cardboard, putting the 4 calendars in the center, and folding the cardboard into the box around it. ONE strip of tape to completion. I could do 50 units in 20 minutes... including a trip to the band aid dispenser. I skipped three or four steps. It used half the amount of tape. Worked myself right out of the second day's labor!

I got back the pants I had sent the twins. They said cotton was too hot, too heavy, and stayed wet too long. They failed to warn me to open the box outside. I may be airing the house for days! I best remember to take them clean clothes to wear in the car when we go get them... and have them at least sponge bathe before we get into the vehicle with them. The pungency of the clothes alone made my eyes water!

The garden caught blight again this year. We got very few zucchini, and the tomatoes are about done- we have been bringing in a good amount daily to finish ripening on the window sill. The last batch of green beans Tom planted are JUST starting to produce, while the first ones are about spent. I think I have canned six or seven jars of beans this year, and very few tomatoes as yet. The blight is causing green ones to drop- so I am thinking of making some of that wonderful green tomato relish this week.

I am up to 86 miles walked since the last day of May. I hope I have stamina enough building up to do the 2 1/2 miles from our camp site to Katahdin Falls! I understand it is almost straight UP the trail- climbing from 1106 feet to 1647 at the Falls, before the REAL climb hits for those headed to the top of Katahdin! (5268 ft!) Tom plans to go to the top, as will the twins. I have zero intention of going to the top.

Guess I best get busy here. I've got green beans and tomatoes calling my name. (Or calling me names. It's pretty hard to understand vegetable-speak.)

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