Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's a rainy day, It's a rainy day! it's raining outside and I can't go out and play...

That was one of Bill Joe's favorite Sesame Street songs.
It IS a rainy day here. I am not sure when we last remembered to empty the rain gauge- but it had five inches in it just now, and it's a steady downpour. The radar indicates a long, long band of storms, crossing us mostly lengthwise.
So, I am not out walking today. Didn't walk yesterday or Monday.
I picked the garden yesterday, in the rain.
Today, I have my first tomatoes to do something with, other than just fresh eating. We have been having fresh 'maters daily for more than a week, but the abundance has now overwhelmed our daily use. I pureed a number of them, and have them cooking down in the wee crockpot. Seasoned up Italian, they may be pizza sauce tonight. Or perhaps spaghetti sauce. I intend to try a THM pizza crust made of squash tonight.
Our intrepid hikers have less than 350 miles to go to reach Mt. Katahdin! I was packing up a box of goodies to send them to sustain them through the 100 Mile Wilderness they will soon be reaching. I have the largest sized Priority Mail box full and sealed, and the smaller Priority Mail box within an inch or so of capacity.
Just trying to decide what to send to fill that last bit of space. Please pray for the guys as they tread these final, dangerous segments of the trail.
On the home front, things seem to be perking along regarding Kathie's 80th Birthday celebration. As a reminder, that is July 18 from 2-5 pm. If you aren't attending, I urge you to send a card. Contact me for information if you need it.
Thanks for reading!

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