Thursday, May 2, 2013

Apologies to the affected

Apparently I have committed a major faux pas. Without even thinking, I posted pictures on the family share site from the recent birthday party we attended. I have been reprimanded- I should only share pictures of the immediate family. Some of the pictures were deemed "unflattering".

As a queen of unflattering photos, I just didn't THINK. Some said they were upset with their photos "being broadcast far and wide, with no say so in the matter". I apologized. I know how I dislike having no say in matters.

For myself, I look how I look. Overweight. Round face and bulging clothes. No make up. That's me- you get what you get. I'm beating myself up for not thinking of those photographed- I was thinking of those who couldn't attend for whatever reason. I thought they might feel more 'included' by seeing pictures of the event. My bad.

Sometimes I DO think of how I look. I think of going on a diet- trying to look great and "impress" the very family members that do judge me. Then food comes by and I say Oh well... I yam what I yam. The offending album is going to be deleted... perhaps I can repost a few of the pictures that are not offensive.

Hug someone you love... and remember that YOU are loved, even if you don't like how you look in a photograph.

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