Friday, May 24, 2013

Time's fun when you are having flies...

At least that is what Kermit the Frog always said!
Just a month left until two three big events! The twins 17th birthday is June 17th. Father's day is the 16th. And Ben and Paula's baby is due the 18th. Meanwhile, Ben and Paula are having a baby shower hosted (hostessed?) by Becky on the 1st of June.
I just ordered a couple of gifts for the boys. For Father's day, we  are thinking of a smoker grill. I sent a firefighter's baby outfit to Ben and Paula... still hoping to make the party!
Ben passed his most recent firefighter's testing and ranks # 12 on the list! (As compared to 40-something last year!) He and Paula live in their new home, though have not 'settled' yet. They are working first on the apartment on the property, which they can rent out as an income-property. THEN they will work on their new home's kitchen. Amazing how much of life is centered on one's kitchen!

For mother's day, I also got a gift certificate to The Wooden Spoon, where Daniel and Sam work. We are supposed to have supper there tonite!
This week, I worked on my sitting area bench:
 I painted the bench! (Same colors, but more-so!)

And Look how the garden has grown in the last couple of weeks! The snow May 3 & 4 took out a few tomato plant, but the rest really bounced back
And as far as the recent tornadoes... we got some wind. (meh.) and a weeeee bit of hail.  There was wind damage to neighboring places, but we escaped unharmed.
Prayers to the Moore victims!
Oh... the garden has caused mucho spinachio salada. So much so as my bowels erupt in greenery. Too much information, right?

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